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We   have   been   involved   in   motorsports   for   over   40   years in   various   capacities.   Through   the   years,   many   races were    won    in    a    variety    of    classes    including    3    World Championships.  We know what it takes to win. Every   seat   kit   or   head   support   we   build   and   ship   to   you is   custom   manufactured   at   our   location   so   we   can   offer you   the   highest   quality   products   at   affordable   prices.      Be assured   that   we   put   100%   effort   into   producing   the   best product you can buy anywhere at any price. Jeff Some   of   the   drivers   I   have   worked   with:      Blaine   Johnson   T/F,   Don   Garlits   T/F,   Gary   Scelzi   T/F,   Matt Hines   PSB,   Kenny   Koretsky   PS,   Bob   Bodie   F/C,   Doug   Davenport   NE2,   Scott   Sharp   SCCA   /   IMSA, Paul   Newman   SCCA   /   IMSA,   Tom   Cruise   SCCA,   Tony   Schumacher   T/F,   Don   Lampus   T/F,   Bill   Walsh T/F,   Melanie   Troxel   T/F,   Steve   Faria   T/F,   Troy   Buff   T/F,   Rod   Fuller   T/F,   Mike   Gunderson   T/F,   Ken Veney F/C and Larry McBride T/F Motorcycle. IN THE NEWS…
Jeff Garvin
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