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Building your own seat insert for your race car is as easy as 1-2-3:

1 - MIX - Our slow setting system allows you the time to mix and fit without the stress associated with other systems. 2 - FIT - Again, our industry leading user friendly system allows you to find the perfect driver location without the material getting hot, expanding or hardening before you are in the perfect position. This means you keep your “print” and have less to do in step 3. 3 - TRIM & COVER - After your seat insert has cured, simply trim and sand the excess off the perimeter, cut your seat belt holes and cover.
Making Your Seat Insert Fitting driver to seat insert Trim and Cover your seat insert
Our Seat Insert Kit has all the ingredients you need to produce your own seat insert. Besides our proprietary bead and conformable bag, our kits include the following industry leading features: 1 . Our exclusive in line valve allows you to adjust the vacuum precisely. 2 . We supply a vacuum gauge to eliminate guesswork. 3 . The filter is pre installed to save you time. 4 . Our bonding agents pour and mix easier. 5 . Easy to seal bag allows you to fit the driver faster. 6 . Complete your seat insert with the highest grade Carbon X available. 7 . Fully detailed instructions come with every kit.
A vacuum pump is used to make your seat insert. It holds the insert shape while curing. This eliminates secondary work as you will have your perfect shape. It is preferable to use a common A/C evacuation pump, which are used in automotive A/C work or home HVAC work. If you do not have one, you would be surprised that your friends or neighbors have one sitting around. No need for an expensive vacuum pump, nor should you use smaller pumps such mattress evacuation pump, as they are too weak.
Comfortable Seat Insert