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Bruce Larson Racing Testimonial Jim Murphy Testimonial
VOTED EASIEST KITS TO USE!  Why   choose   our   insert   kits   over   the   competition?      This   customer attempted   to   make   a   pour   in    insert.   He   first   read   the   instructions and   viewed   a   video.   Following   all   the   directions   precisely,   the outcome   was   a   disaster.   This   is   not   uncommon! After   seeing   how user   friendly   our   bead   system    is,   Jim   wanted   you   to   know   his feelings. Another happy customer!  
A Blog post:  "I just finished a seat bead kit bought from Garvin Motorsports ( Very easy to get good results. Anybody looking to do a kit at home with pro results this is it. No voids no mess. We have tried the pour in type before and we had problems...... I would definitely go the beaded seat way again." Andy, Atlanta, GA  I should have done this years ago! Jeff Veale Testimonial
JEFF VEALE RACING "I would have to say the same here. Jeff Garvin came out & did a great job, for us as well. The fit and finish was perfect." Jeff Veale Racing
Kosky Racing Testimonial
KOSKY RACING "Jeff Garvin just did ours and it turned out very form fitting and just like his web site”. Kosky Racing
Allen Johnson Testimonial
ALLEN JOHNSON Mopar Dodge Avenger. “The new, formed seat deal felt better every run. I’ve been cutting consistent lights."  Allen Johnson
Easy DIY Affordable PERFECT!
“It’s so comfortable….it’s unbelievable!” “BIG DADDY” DON GARLITS