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Garvin Motorsports builds head supports that are custom fitted for you and your race car at affordable prices. We offer supports in 1/2" increments, starting at 1.5 inches thick, for optimal fit and performance. Our SFI 45.2 certified NHRA Accepted Supports with Carbon Fiber or Aluminum backings are constructed using the industry leading EIS W50 foams and are covered with premium Carbon X. We offer fast service & quick turnarounds. Please call us today for details @ 386-788-8963 .
REAR HEAD PADS 8” X 6 ¾” X 1 ½” Hanz Curve Rear Head Support Starting at $100.00 Other Sizes Available.
LATERAL HEAD PADS SFI 45.2 Certified Lateral Head Supports Starting At $250.00 on your plates. Please call with your requirements.
Seat Insert Kit For Your Race Car
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